The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto
The Brand Manifesto


We commit ourselves to ensuring the utmost attention to detail and creating unique and engaging shopping experiences.

Our desire to do more and more drives us to look constantly for new solutions and to face every challenge with enthusiasm and determination.

This is what we believe in.

  • 01_This is Yumanism.

    Digital innovation is important to us when it puts people at its centre. Yumanism means considering human needs and emotions. We believe technology is a tool for enriching experiences without replacing human value.

  • 02_Think First.

    Before identifying the most suitable response to the objectives of a project, we examine all possible solutions, guided by strategic thinking. What we ultimately choose will prove to be the most suitable action, reasoned and tailored to the customer’s needs. If it’s not the best solution, it is no solution at all.

  • 03_Mission: Possible.

    There are no impossible challenges—only challenges not yet overcome, especially in retail. That is why we’ve decided to be solution-makers for our partners. This is the game we have chosen to play, and win.

  • 04_Fast&Curious.

    We explore stimuli, pick up trends, implement new quality standards. Being curious is the best way to meet the future, and being fast is a necessity in a constantly changing market.

  • 05_Simple talking, serious fun.

    Even as we take everything seriously, we never forget the fun. Each project deserves the right amount of lightness so that it can be seen from every perspective. The recipe for success consists in attending to every detail with passion and dedication, while never failing to enjoy the process.

  • 06_Good is not enough.

    Well-made things bring good results. Better-made things bring success. We want to make a difference, which is why we are not easily satisfied. We take the utmost care of every detail, and in so doing we make it even better.

  • 07_Truth is the way.

    Trust makes any relationship productive. We place transparency at the core of our approach because we believe that truth, even the most difficult, always offers an opportunity for discussion and improvement. This is how a story must be told, without fear.

  • 08_Together is better.

    Behind great ideas there is always a team capable of bringing them to life. True talent is nourished by enthusiasm and relationships, people and skills. This is what we bring to each of our projects, making it unique.

  • 09_International spirit, local approach.

    Retail feeds as much on international innovation as on local specificities. Being tied to our roots is a necessary starting point for a successful brand, never losing an opportunity to look back and remember where it all began.

  • 10_We love Beauty.

    Elegance is thought and research, with an ability to build solid and lasting relationships. We celebrate beauty in everything we do: that is the starting point, the primary value of our ethic.

We are

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We don’t believe in decalogs.

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